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Promoter’s leader CROSS International Performance Award is LIS LAB Performing Arts, directed by Antonella Cirigliano, while the curatorship is entrusted to Tommaso Sacchi.
CROSS, in this first edition, is hosted in Verbania, which has offered for its performances the beautiful frame of Villa San Remigio, Villa Giulia, Villa Taranto and the new theatre Il Maggiore. CROSS was in fact created with the aim of identifying and training, on the area, an active and participatory public on issues of art and contemporary culture.
In addition to a training course addressed the audience, the same project includes CROSSaward, an international award open to debut works within the framework of the performance, with a focus on the productions concentrated on the close relationship between selection and musical composition and performance action.
The performance produced during the period of residence during the Festival Village of Artist (Verbania, July 1-10 2016) will be presented to the public and the jury of experts.
The winning project will receive a prize to support the production of 4,000 EUR.
The curatorship is enstrusted to Tommaso Sacchi also for the second edition.