Edition 2015



CROSS is the project of residential education and cultural voluntary work that won the call of Cariplo Foundation on citizen’s cultural role. Promoter’s leader of the project is Association LIS lab Performing Arts,directed by Antonella Cirigliano, and project’s partner is Teatro sull’Acqua di Arona (NO), while the curatorship is entrusted to Tommaso Sacchi.
CROSS, in this first edition, is hosted in Verbania,which has offered for its performances the beautiful frame of Villa Giulia and Villa San Remigio.

The first prize was given to the project Condition of an Ideal by Alexis Blake, that has received a prize to support the production of 4,000.

The 3 projects selected to take part of the phase of residency are:

  • Choreographing Rappers - Jacopo Jenna (IT)
  • Plica ex Plica - Dehors/Audela (IT)
  • Conditions of an Ideal - Alexis Blake (NL)

On 5th July 2015, at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan, there was a special presentation evening only for the three finalists performances.


Lea Vergine (president of the jury pool), art critic and curator, writer.

Scholar of new visual languages, she has been one of the first critics to deal with body art. Well known her  “The body as language” (1974), a book that created a scandal similar to those works which she used to analyze. She highlighted (in “The other half of the avant-garde” 1910-1940. Female painters and sculptors in the movements of the historical avant-garde, 1980) the function of women in artistic phenomena of the first half of the 20th century, making a major contribution both in ‘ critical approach as in the appreciation of the artistic female work.

Among his many publications are:
Through Art / Practice Policy (1976); The newfound art (1982); The art “got in game” (1988); The last eccentric (1990); The art in the trenches. Lexicon of artistic trends 1969-1990 (1996); Art on cutting edge (2000); Uninterrupted transits (2001); When waste becomes art. Trash rubbish mongo (2006); Words on art 1965-2007 (2008); Life, perhaps the art (2014).

She collaborated since 1973 with several newspapers, including Il Manifesto and Il Corriere della Sera. She has organized numerous exhibitions including: “The other half of the avant-garde” (Milan, Rome, Stockholm, 1980-1981), “The Last Avant-Garde” (Milan, 1983-1984), “Geometries Dionysian” (Milan, 1988).
In 1990 she was commissioner for the Art Biennal in Venice. In 1991 she curated the conference “Art: Utopia or regression?” in San Marino. In 1996 she organized at the Gallery of Modern Art in Turin the conference “The scene of the risk.”

In 2013 the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan confers her the Honorary Degree in Communication and Art Education.

Manuel Agnelli, musician, writer and producer, founder and frontman of 'Afterhours'.

In 1986 he founded, together with other musicians, ‘Afterhours’ of which he is voice and guitar player. With the band they released 11 albums since 1987 and several EPs. Over the years Manuel Agnelli has performed on major Italians and foreigners stages, until he got to play at South West Festival in Austin (USA). ‘Afterhours’  won severals awards, including the award for the best Italian text at the Italian Music Awards and the Critics Award Mia Martini at the Festival of Sanremo.

Together with the activity of musician, he’s dedicated and devoted to the production of numerous artists including Christina Dona, Pitch, Schism, Verdena, Marco Parente and other young musicians.
In 2001 he won the Italian Music Award with the prize for best Italian producer.
He has also collaborated with many singers and musicians including Mina, Greg Dulli and Eugenio Finardi.
Again in 2001, he was the creator and organizer of the ‘Tora! Tora! Festival’, an event that will be held until 2005 and which got in its first edition the recognition as a “live event of the year” at the meeting of the independent labels of Faenza.

In 2013 he, together with Afterhours, gave life to a new project called  ‘Are you Afraid of the Dark?': a traveling cultural festival at which participating musicians (Marta sui Tubi, Il Teatro degli Orrori, Daniele Silvestri) and actors of film and theater (Antonio Rezza, Mastrella) and video artists, painters, designers and dancers.

He is one of the promoters of # Piùmusicalive, program that brings artists and intellectuals committed to get simpler rules to help young artists and organizers of live events.

Yuri Ancarani, visual artist, professor.

Yuri Arcani is an Italian video artist and film maker. His work come from a continuous mingling of documentary cinema and contemporary art, and it’s the result of research aimed to explore the regions that are not visible in everyday life, the reality in which the artist digs in first place.
His work has been presented in several exhibitions and national and international museums, including: 55th Venice Biennal, Museum MAXXI (Rome), Museo Marino Marini (Florence), Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (New York); Prague Biennial 5 (Prague); XIV International Sculpture Biennale (Carrara); 14 Media Art Biennal Wro (Poland); Gallery ZERO (Milan); I HAVE NOT. Gallery (Milan); GC.AC. Monfalcone (Monfalcone, Gorizia); Fair: Berlin (Berlin); T.I.C.A. (Tirana); The Friche Marseille (France); Videoart Yearbook 09.

And in several film festivals: 67th and 68th Venice Film Festival (Venice, Italy), IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam (Rotterdam, Netherlands), 23 ° IDFA International Documentary Film Festival (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Hot Docs, Canadian International Documentary Festival (Toronto, Canada), Cinéma du Réel (Centre Pompidou, Paris, France), SXSW- South by Southwest (Houston, Texas), Full Frame Documentary Festival (Dhuram, USA), 4th Ann Arbor Film Festival ( Michigan, USA), True / False Film Festival (Columbia, Missouri).

He has won numerous awards, among them: Talent Prize 2012 nomination for “feature Nonfiction Filmmaking,” Cinema Eye Honors (Museum of the Moving Image, New York, United States of America); “Grand Prix in Lab Competition”, Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival (Clermont-Ferrand, France); “Honorable Mention”, Dokufest (Prizren, Kosovo); “Best Documentary”, New Horizon I.F.F. (Wroclaw, Poland); “Best Short”
L ‘alternately Barcelona Independent Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain).

Caterina Riva, art critic, curator.

In 2007, during the development of the Master Curating at Goldsmiths College, founded in London the space for projecting ‘ FormContent’ where she co-curated a rich series of exhibitions, performances and publications, until 2011.
From 2004 to 2008 she has been coordinator of the Advanced Course in Visual Arts of the Fondazione Ratti.
From 2011 to 2014 she has been director and curator of Artspace NZ in Auckland - New Zealand, where she has been living during three years, developing the potential public and educational exhibition space.
She lives in Rome where she is advisor at the Swiss Institute.
She has written for magazines of art and international culture and has published essays for various artists.
She has been jurywoman and judge of several awards in New Zealand.

Tommaso Sacchi, curator, professor.

Born in Milano, 20th January 1983, lives and works in Florence.

Head of the Cultural Department Secretariat of the City of Florence.

He has been curator of the program of “Estate Fiorentina  2014” festival for the City of Florence.

He is invited – with the collective project theTomorrow - at the 56th Venice Biennale for Contemporary Art, art directed by Okwui Enwezor

He has a lectureship in Communication Theory at the Accademia di Belle Arti – Como and in Exhibition Planning and Management at the European Design Institute (IED) in Florence.

He’s curator of ‘CROSS international performance award’ and member of the quality jury pool of it, together with Lea Vergine, Manuel Agnelli, Yuri Ancarani and Caterina Riva.

He’s the coordinator of #Piumusicalive, nationwide campaign for the simplification of production procedures for performing arts.

He’s co-founder of theTomorrow editorial project (theTomorrow.net) and he’s been co-curator of the homonymous installation for the 14th Venice Biennale and 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Arts.

He took on the role of a consultant for the Council of Culture, Fashion and Design for the City of Milan, focusing his researches on Performing Arts between 2011 and 2013.

During his two years at the Council of Culture, Fashion and Design, his main focus was on research and development of cultural policies, with a special emphasis on the reactivation of ex-industrial urban spaces such as Officine Creative Ansaldo and Fabbrica del Vapore. He co-designed and defined the new format of ‘City Festivals'; events that awoken the City of Milan on themes of music and publishing (PianoCity, ChorusCity and BookCity).
He undertook art direction for several festivals produced and hosted by Audiorium di Milano, Teatro dal Verme and Università degli Studi di Milano

He also participated in several debates and symposiums on issues related to cultural production and policies. He contributed and gave in-depth lessons to students of cultural organisations such as Master MEC- Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Drama School ‘Paolo Grassi’, Domus Academy, NABA Milano and Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milano.

He has worked for RCS Publishing as a correspondent-reporter and he and collaborates on cultural section of VITA Magazine.

LOCAL JURY Edition 2015

Adriana Sacchi (Milano) | Andrea Ruschetti (Omegna) | Anna Maria Melone (Milano) | Barbara Vitolo (Ghevio di Meina) | Barbara Dapas (Meina)| Chiara Vendettuoli (Invorio) | Elena Andreola (Invorio) | Elena Mastretta (Meina) | Elena Mogavero (Verbania) | Elisa Pavan (Verbania) | Elodia Kouadio Williams (Verbania) | Fabrizio Favino (Nebbiuno) | Federico Aronne Merlo (Gravellona Toce) | Maria Pia Zocchi (Verbania) | Miriam Romeo (Arona) | Paolo Pinzone (Verbania) | Sabrina Crescini (Verbania) | Samantha Crescini (Verbania) | Valentina Locci (Verbania)

The project CROSS was executed in collaboration with Fondazione Cariplo, one of the most important philanthropic project managers in the world. Fondazione Cariplo is involved in more than 1,000 projects every year worth 144 million Euros. Youth, wellbeing and community are the main priorities that influence the activities of Fondazione.
“Cohesion within Fondazione has allowed us to create a small social revolution, where everyone contributes to build the foundations of a good society”. - Giuseppe Guzzetti, Presidente - #conFondazioneCariplo